PB - Maastricht University. On this page you will find all up-to-date corona related information. Video conferencing for high-risk data processing. M3 - Doctoral Thesis. You can always contact the Maastricht Housing helpdesk with questions. Online workshops at EDLAB Maastricht, New story in story series ‘We’re open!’, The Living Lab in Ageing and Long-Term Care urgently needs help, Positive responses to the crowdfunding campaign, Crowdfunding campaign for students in need, We are open! Research universities. Update 15-12-2020, 21:00 hrs On December 14, 2020 the government announced new, stricter corona measures. A hackathon is an exciting way to innovate beyond the regular boundaries of an organisation; a fast-paced design sprint that helps to solve business challenges by … On the 26th of November, fencing sessions started again, but only in a reduced capacity.  You can find an overview of these measures and guidelines on this website. Studitemps GmbH/ Maastricht University Studentische ÖPNV-Nutzung nach Geschlecht (Stand: September 2020) Dabei scheint es auch egal zu sein, um welches öffentliche Verkehrsmittel es … Health and safety was our top priority at all times. Build your Business Case . IS - 31 . The recommendation for those who are already in China is to take the necessary safety precautions. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at UM, nor in Maastricht or The Netherlands. Maastricht University, which was hit by a cyberattack just before Christmas, paid the ‘ransom’ to the hackers. Lerarentekort en Corona. UM is monitoring the latest developments closely. Due to Corona, the 2nd edition of GROW was unfortunately canceled this year. ER - Faculty of Science and Engineering, AMIBM - Researcher; Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials; Person: Paid Staff - … Corona Measures Situation. Given the challenges imposed by the corona crisis, how can Maastricht Marketing reach and convince their target audience to visit Maastricht. Das Team des Maastricht Visitor Centers vermittelt Ihnen gerne das Maastrichter Flair, mit einem Lächeln! The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Maastricht University’s initiative to help startups thrive across campus. 109 likes. We made countless decisions, some more difficult than others. JF - Vakblad Grensoverschrijdend Werken. Studio Europa Maastricht aims to position Maastricht as a meeting place for citizen dialogue and debate and establish a Centre of Excellence for research on Europe and European integration. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Limburg are hit hard by the corona crisis. UMIO|Maastricht University came to the rescue of entrepreneurs by organising an online hackathon in collaboration with MKB-Limburg, the association for SMEs in Limburg. Make working from home work for you, Working from home remains the rule, but…, Temporary one-time payment to compensate for working from home, Procurement guidelines in the event of (imminent) non-performance of contracts, University Fund – SWOL helps dozens of students, Martin's blog post #7: The hammer and the dance, Career development and training: GoodHabitz, Survey on physical activity when working from home, Coronavirus measures from the Dutch government, Elections for student and employee participation councilsWebinar, Webinar ‘Staying psychologically fit in corona times’, Brightlands Smart Services Campus holds hackathonÂ, We’re open! Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Limburg are hit hard by the corona crisis. Read more; … With Christmas drawing near, we would have liked things to be different, but the coronavirus is once again spreading rapidly. This service is available 24 hours a day, for all your questions, wishes or comments relating to the collection and services of the Maastricht University Library. pic.twitter.com/EzfE…, Student resources updates (buildings, IT, University Library), Facility updates (buildings, IT, University Library), First Jesuit Collection Thesis Prize awarded, Two public lectures on the early history of globalisation, Wanted: two students for expedition to China, Nominations for UM student prize are open. This does not mean that it will be any less special. UMIO|Maastricht University came to the rescue of entrepreneurs by organising an online hackathon in collaboration with MKB-Limburg, the association for SMEs in Limburg. Period: 27 Oct 2017: Examinee: Max van Lent: Examination held at: Erasmus University Rotterdam Welke beroepen zijn het meest getroffen door de crisis, en wat zegt dit over de te verwachten arbeidsmarkt-perspectieven voor deze beroepen? Foreword Dutch universities are actively taking steps to combat coronavirus and to continue their research, education and active role in society during this crisis. The Executive Board advises UM staff and students not to travel to Wuhan/Hubei and to only travel to other parts of China if absolutely necessary. The Netherlands  Quick links Admissions Faculties Services & facilities Research institutes Open day Alumni Press Working at UM University Library Well-being at UM Cyber attack information UMIO|Maastricht University came to the rescue of entrepreneurs by organising an online hackathon in collaboration with MKB-Limburg, the association for SMEs in Limburg. What to do if you have corona-like symptoms? Like us and follow our latest news! Maastricht University Alumni, Maastricht. DO - 10.26481/dis.20200417tk. DIGITAL STUDENT HACKATHON MAY 2020. Maastricht University and Radboud University will cooperate more intensively in the field of education and research. Human health is closely linked to animal health and the COVID-19 outbreak is a consequence of this. … Please read the FAQ for online exams during COVID-19 for guidance on online exams in … Maastricht: Kunstmesse Tefaf findet trotz Coronavirus statt Veröffentlicht am 05.03.2020 Ein Mann desinfiziert auf der Kunstmesse TEFAF am Eingang seine Hände. Information on Corona (English)› Living in Maastricht 'Thuis in Maastricht' (Dutch for 'at home in Maastricht') is Maastricht's main news and story platform. Read more; DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES. 6211 KH Maastricht. Title: Corona-achterstanden inhalen op zomerscholen : Media type: Print: Country: Netherlands: Date: 1/09/20: Persons: Carla Haelermans: View all 1. The Online Library is the one-stop- shop for Maastricht University library services, products, and academic information sources. Update 15-12-2020, 21:00 hrs On December 14, 2020 the government announced new, stricter corona measures. Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands Advertisement. This is how we do it! Take the virtual campus tour, Video message from Rector Magnificus Rianne Letschert, New online platform for expats in Maastricht, AON’s student insurance valid for another 8 weeks in the home country, We are open! - Interview with FASoS lecturer Patrick Bijsmans, Only together will we get the coronavirus under control, Annual appraisals and assessment interviews, Free ReadSpeaker software license for all UM students, Municipality of Maastricht’s corona support point, Application procedure for prospective students, National private funding organisations (‘collectebusfondsen’), Do you have any extra time? EP - 26. Tilburg University corona measures roadmap. Ein interaktiver Überblick von tagesschau.de zeigt die aktuellen Covid-19-Zahlen in mehr als 180 Ländern. publisher = "Maastricht University", school = "Maastricht University", Kuijpers, TG 2020, ' Tobacco control policymaking in Europe: A tug of war ', Maastricht University, Maastricht. SP - 21. And what do they do? bit.ly/36xGzYY pic.twitter.com/CwtA…, Harro van Lente has been interviewed by @WorkingOnEurope on how COVID19 has stirred up our thinking about the future. From now on, corona-related information will be communicated by email, through the intranet, social media or UM News, or by your manager (depending on the message). SN - 9789402819816. An army of 118 talented and creative master’s students from Maastricht University searched for viable innovative solutions for … Anna Brady. Keep the call centre. : Hearttalks for terminal patients and their families, International exchange in fall semester 2020, Video about initial experiences with the pilot in the SBE building, Martin's blog #9: Back to work in pandemic times, Pilot for working in selected UM buildings, Emergency fund helps more than 100 students, Student Challenge Board seeks solutions for regional corona issues, Special projects of UM and other universities, We're open! 14 August 2020. This is my second year living in Europe. Corona-achterstanden inhalen op zomerscholen - Carla Haelermans - Kader Primair, jaargang 26, nummer 1, september 2020. With our unique expertise and network, we create a place to discuss and work on Europe. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH. Außerdem sind hier schöne Wanderkarten und Radrouten, lokale Souvenirs und hübsche Geschenke erhältlich. Mark Kawakami; Private Law; Contract Law and Law of Obligations in General; Maastricht European Private Law Institute; GLaw-Net; Press/Media: Other › Popular. Main administration building. Period: 15 Apr 2020: Media contributions 1. YouTube, Information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), In general working from home and in specific cases on campus, Living, working, studying from orange and red areas, Initial tests of students: no one is infected, New webpages 'Safely studying and working at UM in the time of corona', COVID-19 testing for students and employees coming from red or orange areas - testing site in Maastricht, Health Counsellor for Students from 17 August, New instalments in the ‘We’re open!’ series, DUO highlights financial compensation in the event of study delay, Information on coming to the Netherlands from countries with a code orange or red status, Temporary reduction of (high) institutional tuition fees, Tips for working from home and ergonomically sound home workplace, Are you going on holiday? T1 - Financiële Corona-maatregenen en grenswerkers: een stand van zaken. The GEFACOVID project is intended to lead to new diagnostics and treatments. Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands. Instagram Wo nehmen die Neuinfektionen mit dem Coronavirus zu? UM postal address Im Maastricht Visitor Center erhält man vielfältige Informationen und Inspirationen für einen Besuch in Maastricht. CAPHRI is one of Maastricht University’s Schools, with a focus on Healthcare Innovation and Public Health Research. MAASTRICHT. The unfortunate effect of the new measures is that the Netherlands goes into its strictest lockdown to date. We’re open! Maastricht University (UM) is an innovative, research-oriented and the most international university in the Netherlands. Zwingelput4, ZW4. Maastricht University is actively monitoring the outbreak of the so-called ‘Wuhan virus’ , a coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. It is an online platform for the community and for every resident of Maastricht. Centre News. CY - Maastricht. HACKING CORONA. They are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm via: Tel: 0031 (0) 43 3885300 E-mail: [email protected] . 0 Comments Despite this strange and uncertain period, the University Fund Limburg/SWOL awards subsidies to projects and activities of UM students and UM (scientific) staff. AU - Mertens, Pim. But for the time being, closure is not on the cards. Graduates, families & friends were watching the (first ever) online Graduation Ceremony from their homes. Lid worden en connectie maken Maastricht University. AU - Tans, Ruben. Maastricht University Medical Center+ has up a temporary healthcare location in MECC Maastricht to expand the care capacity for corona-infected patients. Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and one of the best young universities in the world. Studenten in het gebouw van de Maastricht University Marcel van den Bergh / HH zoom in NOS Nieuws • Binnenland • Tech • 02-01-2020, 14:05 • Aangepast 02-01-2020, 15:58 JO - Vakblad Grensoverschrijdend Werken. This service is available 24 hours a day, for all your questions, wishes or comments relating to the collection and services of the Maastricht University Library. This new academic year marks the end of our series of corona updates. Note that during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Maastricht University will be offering most exams online. Menu. In the Climate Agreement it has been agreed that approximately one and a half million buildings must be provided with a sustainable alternative to natural gas by 2030. This was reported by well-informed sources at the UM. Gefällt 7.315 Mal. Are you currently in a contaminated area? If the situation calls for it, UM will take measures and provide specific recommendations to students and staff who are currently staying in China or who are planning to travel to China in the near future for their studies, work or research. Maastricht University Library, Maastricht, Netherlands. Maastricht University and the Corona Virus are one such attempt. This under the motto academic learning in the Southeast Netherlands region. Maastricht University (abbreviated as UM; Dutch: Universiteit Maastricht) is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands.Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities.. Includes an interview with alumna @MareMueller - thanks again Mareike for taking the time to talk to me! At this time, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at UM, nor in Maastricht or The Netherlands. Y1 - 2020. Tilburg University corona measures roadmap. LinkedIn Professors Joordens and Claessens discuss Darwin as a geologist, plus their activities with MSP students. 6200 MD Maastricht In 2019, 19,000 students studied at Maastricht University, 54% of whom were foreign students, with over 4,000 employees. The Centre collaborates with all six schools at Maastricht University to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Als gevolg van de lockdown om de verspreiding van het corona-virus te beperken, is de economie hard geraakt en loopt de werkloosheid op. anchor.fm/patrick-um…, Esther Versluis has been interviewed by Observant for their new section ‘the second wave’. P.O. Last Tuesday, three Italian students launched a petition in which they urge Maastricht University to close its doors because of the coronavirus. Initial experiences with online education. The healthcare location is intended for corona patients who have been diagnosed with the virus, but for whom basic care is sufficient. In 2015, Peter Schröder-Bäck became Associate Professor in the department of International Health at Maastricht University. At UMIO we are driven by a strong desire to expand perspectives. 6211 KL Maastricht +31 43 388 5388. study @ maastricht university . Starting September 30th the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will launch its inaugeral incubation program. Vakblad … Prof. Melissa Siegel and Prof. Maarten Vink, explain how the corona crisis affects migrants in the Netherlands and abroad. Study information Bonnefantenstraat 2. New webpages 'Safely studying and working at UM in the time of corona' COVID-19 testing for students and employees coming from red or orange areas - testing site in Maastricht Minderbroedersberg 4-6 ER - Mertens P, Tans R. Financiële Corona-maatregenen en grenswerkers: een stand van zaken. We would like to congratulate all graduates and wish you all the best in the future.🎓bit.ly/3r0oE5v pic.twitter.com/96TS…, Last episode of my #podcast for our new #BAeuropeanstudies course @FasosMaastricht on #research and #writing now online. Earlier interviews have been with @FerencLaczo, Esther Versluis, @MathieuLLSegers, Clemens Kool, Peter Schröder-Bäck and @Rianneletschert. : How the coronavirus infects our small intestines, UM closed during long weekend for Ascension Day, We welcome students 'on campus' if possible, online if necessary, Requirements for starting a master’s programme in September 2020, YERUN: International cooperation on the coronavirus, Reminder: survey for those working from home, Creative students develop coronavirus workbook, UM alumni share their coronavirus routines, tips, tricks, initiatives and stories, We’re open! The Holland Maastricht University Scholarship 2021 programme offers 24 full scholarships of €29.000 (including tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend) each academic year for highly talented students from outside the European Union (EU) who have been admitted to a Master’s programme at UM. Due to Corona, the 2nd edition of GROW was unfortunately canceled this year. Visit Maastricht. : Palliative care in times of the coronavirus, Crossing the German border with your UM card, Nominate yourself for a representation council. View less. Corona member for PhD Defense Tim Hilken, Maastricht University. This is the second part of our interview series about European current affairs. Cörvers, F. (Speaker) GSBE Theme Learning and Work; Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility; MACIMIDE - School of Business and Economics; ROA / Human capital in the region; Activity: Talk or presentation (speaker at event) › Talk or presentation › Professional. 65 tis. The Netherlands, UM visiting address M3 - Article. bit.ly/3g2iUmo pic.twitter.com/EfpN…, This year, the graduation ceremonies are organised slightly different than previous years due to COVID19. Box 616 UM task board in the making, Living in Belgium or Germany and social security, Application deadline for new students extended, Repatriation of UM students and exchange students, Repatriation of employees and PhD fellows, Postponement of Binding Study Advice possible. We will reply during office hours (Mon-Fri: 08.30-17.00), except on public holidays. On 12 December, 306 BA students graduated from @FasosMaastricht. UM offers academic programmes on a wide range of themes, including Arts & Culture, Behavioural and Political Sciences, Business and Economics, Health and Life Sciences, Law, and Knowledge Engineering. N1 - In proefschrift staat nog oude promotiedatum (uitgesteld i.v.m. For more information, please consult the UM website. Together with restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, hotels, B&B, retail stores and boutiques, Maastricht Marketing focuses on positioning Maastricht as the ‘good life’ capital of Europe. The corona crisis has placed extraordinary demands on our entire academic community. Maastricht University Today at 9:00 AM Consequences of the corona crisis among HBO students vary widely ‍ ... ‍ Despite the fact that the corona crisis has had a significant impact for some HBO graduates, the negative effects are generally not too bad. Study in Holland is an initiative of Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in … According to Dr. William McKean, associate professor of pathology and immunology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the virus uses two mutations, "JD6" and "WSV4" to jump out of the human cell and infect a susceptible host. Information for incoming and outgoing students, First information is published on UM-website. 11th March 2020 12:58 GMT. UM signs higher education mobility declaration, Relaxation of corona measures by the government, Extra study places at the University Library, UM launches investment programme to combat the effects of corona and address work pressure, National agreement on temporary reduction of tuition fees for non-EU students, Potential solutions for PhD candidates and postdocs confronted with delays caused by COVID-19, Limited opening of the buildings from 15 June, UM is working on ventilation in buildings, Martin’s blog #9: The search for a vaccine, Smart start-up of UM research on Brightlands campuses, Video series We’re open (and diverse): gender inequality increases with working from home, #UMfromhome video: Marleen van der Donk on UM's Virtual Experience Days. In the interview, she talks about how she has experienced working and teaching from home during the so-called second wave of the corona pandemic. U2 - 10.26481/dis.20200417tk. Think carefully about the risks in certain countries, New episodes in the ‘We’re open!’ series. Das Besondere an der Uni Maastricht: der Standort und die Studienausrichtung - mitten im Zentrum Europas und stark international. We aim to improve people’s health by performing the highest quality, multidisciplinary research across the complete Healthcare Chain, ranging from Prevention and Primary Care to Rehabilitation and Elderly Care. Maastricht student associations make a joint appeal: take responsibility!Â, Student life in the time of corona: remain vigilant, Onset of physical complaints due to working from home, New episodes in the ‘We're open!’ series and #UMfromhome, Free online workshops: Dutch language skills, ‘We’re Open!’ – Interview Piet Eichholtz. Corona Steward at Maastricht University Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland 171 connecties. For example, the two universities have plans for joint courses on the campus in Venlo in the field of biotechnology and technical physics, and a new MBA course for healthcare professionals. Anxiety about the coronavirus - how do you deal with it? Maastricht University. His research focuses on the ethical aspects of public health policy. Welcome to all graduates from Maastricht University! "Taking the challenge: A joint European policy response to the corona crisis to strengthen the public sector and restart a more sustainable and social Europe," MERIT Working Papers 2020-015, United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on … I lived a year in Hungary (Budapest). Ask Your Librarian; ... Due to the corona virus all UM Library locations are closed until 19 January. 7.7K likes. Universities in times of corona How Dutch universities are working together and offering solutions during the corona crisis #connectuniversitiesNL . Faculty contact details for further questions, For students: university library and um buildings are closed, No new positive tests within the UM community, Master’s Open Day to go ahead as planned, If at home, stay in touch! Within twenty hours, it was signed more than a thousand times. Maastricht University Covid-19 onderzoek, Maastricht.